Luxurious Hair Extensions -
Pre Bonded

Pre bonded hair is applied strand by strand. It has a keratin glue tip already on the ends for easier application. This is joined to the hair by using a heat tool to melt the glue onto your own hair. They last up to 3 months. This is an extremely popular method as it takes slightly less time to fit and you get extra thickness for a full bodied look.

Luxury Remy

14"- £300
16"- £325
18"- £350
20"- £375
22"- £400

 *Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Premium Remy*

This hair can be re used and re bonded for up to ONE YEAR!!

18" - £480 (200 strands)
18" - £380 (150 strands)

Hot Fusion Bonded

Hot Fusion is a strand by strand method using hot glue. The strands are measured to the correct thickness for your own hair and hot glue is then applied to the ends. This is applied to your own hair by rolling the glue to create a bond. They last up to 3 months. This method is great for anyone who has fine highlights or a lot of different colours blended into their hair for a natural look.

14"- £400
16"- £425
18"- £450
20"- £475
22"- £500
Cold Bonded Weft

Cold Bonded Weft is a strip of hair which is positioned onto your own hair and applied using cold glue which then sets. This is a temporary method and lasts around 2 weeks. This is perfect for anyone who is wanting a long, voluminous look for a special occasion like a wedding or prom.
Price from just £150!
from ONLY £195!! for Premium BeautyWorks Russian Remy Weft
Please ask for a specific quote.
All prices for permanent methods are based on a full head of 200 strands - prices on request for more or less if required.
All glue methods are 100% safe for your hair if cared for according to the instructions given to you by your hair technician.
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